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Welcome to Pro-Motion Sports...."Where your best gets better!"  I have 3 different entities and focuses, all can be intertwined or seperate focuses on their own.  Here they are...

Get Started . Get Fit . Get Fast

My name is Christi Smith.  I currently live in the Joliet area, southern Chicago suburb of Minooka, Il.  I have 3 sons (participants in baseball, basketball, track, golf, cross-country).  I was an athlete myself; playing basketball, tennis and running track.  As an adult I have run 3 marathons, a triathlon and multiple 5k's.  I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, certified spinning instructor, Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist ( and certified Yoga instructor.  I facilitate youth programs through the local park districts; Turbulence Training, Body Rescue 24/7, FitKids, Fun with Running and Adult Running/Training Programs (5K to Marathon), Yoga for Champions.  I also work with local doctors offices to facility continued wellness programs for those needing to continue their efforts to stay healthy. 


I founded Pro-Motion Sports out of the great need for athletic development training in this area and a solution to the obesity epidemic so prevelant within our society. 

Our focus for an athlete ("Get Fast") becomes improving flexibility, pillar strength, multi-directional output, metabolic function and form; training the body to produce more power more efficiently.

Our focus for changing body composition ("Get Started, Get Fit") consists of cleaning up nutritional habits, improving core strength (working proximal before we go distal), building nutrient-rich muscles to increase metabolism and burning more calories at rest, centering and stretching the body through yoga and other mind-body practices
 AND more importantly building a knowledge base to teach you to get and stay fit on your own.  This training "practice" is for all ages; since over the past 3 decades, the rate of childhood obesity has doubled while the incident of obesity in teens has tripled.  The America Obesity Association also reports that the childhood overweight concern is the most common nutritional disorder effecting children and teens and one of the most prevalent problems seen by pediatricians.

Remember, "the world is moving so fast that there are days when the person who says it can't be done is interrupted by the person who is doing it." 


Congratulations for jumping into this arena and I hope you enjoy the challenges that lie ahead. 

I have a favorite motto…”together we can”. 


Good luck.

Let’s get down to work and have some FUN!!                                                                              


Educate . Instruct . Inspire
Training 6 days/week

Minooka, Il

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